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We are excited to share that our fundraising campaign is underway! The estimated cost of this project is $2,165,750 for construction plus fit out of the space. We are seeking $600,000 in funds to be added to the $1,561,000 the Foundation was awarded in December 2022. We hope to raise $200,000 from private donors and private foundation grants; $200,000 from corporate donations and sponsorships; and $200,000 from public donation and fundraising events. All raised funds for the YES Project will be held in a separate bank account to be only used for the construction cost short falls and fit out. Please consider making a donation or a donation pledge for 2024 by completing a Donation/Pledge form available at the Town Office or request a form by email

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Engraved Sidewalk Brick for the YES Project

Your purchase of an Engraved Sidewalk Brick will help raise funds to support the YES Project. The bricks are 4″ x 8″ and may be engraved with 3 lines of personalized text up to 20 characters per line. Each engraved brick is $100. Funds raised will be used for construction shortfall or fit out of the facility. The bricks will be used to build a proposed sidewalk along the west side of the building nearest the fields. Engraved bricks make great gifts for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Graduations, Birthdays, Anniversaries, or just for fun! Order your engraved sidewalk brick today!

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Donate to our foundation

 The Moosehead Caring for Kids Foundation is here to support local childcare and education. We do this through staff education resources, encouraging enrollment in Maine Roads to Quality and helping child care providers get and sustain their trainings as required for licensing through State of Maine DHHS.

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Donations are also accepted via check and mailed to the address below. Alternatively, please check out our EVENTS page for additional ways to contribute to the foundation.

Moosehead Caring for Kids Foundation
PO Box 606
Greenville, ME 04441